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CARD Temecula Hosts 1st Annual Carnival and Picnic

By Itza Chavira Therapist LiasonCARD Temecula CARD’s Temecula, California office had its first annual carnival picnic on June 28th 2009. It was a great opportunity and event for all of our staff and their families to enjoy a carefree Sunday afternoon. Additionally it was also an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for all [...]

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Mayo Clinic Study Questions Belief that Children with Autism Have More Gut Problems

By Trine Tsouderos |Tribune Newspapers A new study casts doubt on a commonly held but controversial belief that autistic children have more gut problems than their peers. The Mayo Clinic study, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, found autistic kids in the study were more likely than their nonautistic counterparts to be picky eaters or [...]

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CARD Austin Receives Major Autism Grant to Help Families in Texas

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD), a leading authority on autism treatment for children, has been awarded a $1 million dollar grant from the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services (DARS)to provide services to children with autism between the ages of 3 through 8 in the greater Austin area. “I am [...]

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