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Recognition of Facial Expressions and Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Marlena N. Smith In a recent study, Farran, Branson, and King found children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and children with Asperser’s Disorder to show impairments in recognizing facial expressions conveying fear, anger, and sadness. Amygdala has been identified as the region of the brain that processes negative or threatening emotions including [...]

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The Robots Are Here

Although it sounds as unreal as spaceships landing, the researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, in the U.K. have created a robot that they say can help children with Autism learn the social skills that elude them. The robot, named KASPAR (Kinesics and Synchronisation in Personal Assistant Robots) is life, or kid size, and is [...]

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Center for Autism and Related Disorders’ 20th Anniversary Gala Recap

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