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Perfect Movie Experience for Children with Autism

‘Star Wars’, ‘Back to the Future’, and ‘Wizard of Oz’ were a few of my favorite movies as a kid. There is no avoiding the fact that these movies are best watched at the theater. There is something about watching a movie on a big screen, with great sound effects and being able to share this experience with a crowd that make you feel you are part of the movie.

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The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), the world’s largest autism treatment center that provides state-of-the art therapy, announces a successful lauch of Skills™ and CARD eLearning™ at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC). CARD eLearning™ ( and Skills™ (, two breakthrough web-based tools that provide training to parents and practitioners and allow the ability to assess and design treatment for children with autism and related disorders, and even giver users the power to recover children from autism, in some cases.

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The Autism Accessibility Program

As I surf the web for the latest news concerning autism, I try to keep an eye out for articles describing new programs developed to better accommodate children with autism and their families. To me, such programs signify an increase in autism awareness and acceptance in our communities. This week one particular program caught my eye.

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What’s the Deal with Autistic Kids and Thomas the Tank Engine?

So, it seems to me that children love Thomas the Tank because the characters remind them of themselves, which makes perfect sense to me. Any parents have any firsthand experience with this?

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