The Puzzling Piece iPad Fundraiser

IpadLast week I learned about a great opportunity for children with autism offered by The Puzzling Piece. The Puzzling Piece is a company that makes and sells jewelry to help raise awareness and money for children with autism. All jewelry items are shaped like a puzzle piece, a well-known symbol for autism, and 25 percent of the proceeds are donated to organizations including Autism Speaks, Surfers for Autism, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), and Hollyrod.

This year, The Puzzling Piece is offering a new and exciting challenge for all those who have a child or student with autism. If you sell 60 pieces of select Puzzling Piece jewelry, your child or student will receive a free iPad. Each piece of jewelry costs only $20 and customers have the choice between an alloy puzzle-piece keychain and a glass puzzle-piece necklace. In addition, the jewelry can easily be purchased online under the recipient’s name.

Over the past year, the iPad has been identified as an increasingly useful tool for children with autism. Countless iPad applications have been developed to help children with autism communicate, learn social skills, and much more. The Puzzling Piece iPad fundraiser is a fantastic way to provide your child or student with this technology for free!

Those who are interested can learn more about The Puzzling Piece iPad fundraiser, including details on how to get started, by clicking here.

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