PLEASE HELP! Arizona To Repeal Autism Insurance Therapy Coverage

Dear Friends, I need your help today with an urgent matter.  As you may know, a few years ago, the State of Arizona passed a Bill that approved Insurance coverage for the behavioral treatment of Autism.  This bill was one of the first passed and it has already changed the lives of numerous families and children.  Today, the Arizona House of Reps repealed the Bill.  Of course this came as a great shock to our families and we are very concerned that it will also produce a precedent for other States who have or are in the process of passing similar insurance bills.

We are asking everyone we know to contact the Governor of Arizona today (or as soon as possible) to ask that she veto SB 1593.

I know many of you are from other States, but I urge you to help us in this process because I believe this may endanger future bills in other states as well.   If you have personal contact with celebrities, government officials or representatives of your state, please ask them for help as well.  Your efforts are much appreciated.

The link to the governors website is:

On this website, there is a section where you can submit comments.  Please ask the Governor of Arizona to veto SB 1593.  There is also a phone number you can call if you would like direct contact with the Governor’s office.

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