From May, 2011

Haircuts and Children with Autism

Haircuts can pose a challenge for children with autism and their parents. For many children with autism, sensory sensitivity coupled with high anxiety can make a visit to the hair salon a traumatic experience that ultimately results in a tantrum. The experience is stressful for parents as well, especially if they are visiting a salon that is not familiar with autism. As a result, many parents dread taking their child for a haircut and often put it off as long as they can.


On the Exhibit floor, the Skills team consisting of Robert Pontello (Chief Technology Officer), Joe Mohs (Account Associate), Daphne Plump (PR & Events Manager) and Merrick Williams (Account Manager) spoke with hundreds of educators and administrators on how Skills, the new web-based autism program can be an effective tool to assess, treat and track a child’s progress in the classroom. Merrick gave multiple “in-booth” presentations to small groups of 15 every other hour.