Bullying Special-Needs Students


Have you ever considered putting a hidden camera or voice recorder in your child’s backpack as you send them off to school? Have you ever wondered whether they’re being truthful with you, or which kid is bullying them at school?  Well, these are measures one father in Ohio had to take, only to find out that the people bullying his 14-year-old daughter were actually her teacher and the teacher’s aide.

For a while now, bullying has been making headlines despite numerous public campaigns against it. This year alone, many people have spoken out about bullying and advocate d on behalf of victims. Bullying a child with special needs takes this matter to a whole different level when it is done by teachers, whom our children look up to as role models!

There are many wonderful teachers out there, who dedicate their whole life to the advancement of our children’s future and education, however, this recent news is truly disturbing. Regardless of how challenging it may be to work with special-needs children, there is simply no justification for bullying a child.

The thought-provoking questions that remain are: Do we really need to consider investing in hidden cameras? Is this the only way we can be confident in the physical and mental safety of our children, and especially those with special needs or non-verbal shortcomings?  Are the principles of safe environments supervised by adults being challenged?




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