Exciting New Autism Tools For Behavior Analysts!

One of the main gripes I hear from ABA service providers concerns the inordinate amount of time spent training therapists in the basic principles of ABA.  The next most common gripe stems from a need for a more efficient tool for designing customized lesson plans. If I continued down this ‘top-10 gripes list’ the common thread weaving through them would be the desire to streamline procedures. Streamlining procedures seems to be at the top of everyone’s wish list.

The exciting reply that I can give these folks is to tell them that for the last 10 years, a group of behavior analysts from CARD have been developing tools to maximize the efficiency of their intervention with clients and that these tools are finally AVAILABLE! This is great in so many ways – it streamlines the training and designing phases, thus increasing the time spent with the clients and ultimately helping more children.

Now here’s the BEST part! These tools are now available in a three-month free trial for all BCBAs and BCaBAs! The tools include:

  • CARD eLearning™ – an online system for training behavioral interventionists in knowledge of autism and empirically validated behavioral principles and treatment procedures. Narrated video presentations provide multiple examples and scenarios, and a full suite of text formatting tools is provided to make note taking a breeze.  *In 2010, research was published showing that CARD eLearning increases the academic knowledge of newly hired staff in principles and procedures of ABA for autism (Granpeesheh, Tarbox, Dixon, Peters, Thompson, & Kenzer, 2010).
  • Skills®an innovative web-based tool to design and manage a comprehensive, individualized
    treatment program for children with autism and related disorders. Skills provides a comprehensive assessment, almost 4,000 lesson plans, and a progress-tracking system. It covers eight areas of development: social, motor, language, adaptive, play, executive functions, social cognition, and academic skills. Answers to the assessment questions link directly to customizable lesson plans, stimuli, worksheets, and data sheets, which are all printable. The system also graphs assessment results and treatment progress, allowing you to keep track of your clients’ mastery of targets and activities. In addition, a clinical timeline graph allows you to evaluate the effects of life events, challenging behaviors, and procedures being conducted by other treatment providers on the child’s progress. *In 2011, research was published showing that the Language portion of the Skills® Assessment has excellent test-retest and inter-rater reliability (Dixon, Tarbox, Najdowski, Wilke, and Granpeesheh).

To get a free trial, email a.najdowski@skillsglobal.com

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