Cameras On, Lights Up, Audio Set, Computers Booted, And We’re Live In 3-2-1!

That’s how I start each morning since Skills Live started airing back in September. As Technical Director for the show, I have a unique perspective on the quality programming we are providing to the world. As technology advances, the ability to provide new and original programming on the web has empowered people to share their knowledge with a previously unreachable audience. (It’s not just cat videos, I swear!)  Here at Skills Live we get the chance to help those families in need of support and guidance at a time when their world might feel as though it’s gotten a little smaller. With the help of the BCBAs at CARD and an array of experts in the field of autism from all over the world, we are here to provide the information you want and need to know. Meant to be a communication between the show and our audience, we’re driven by the needs of our viewers.

Having reached well over 50 countries worldwide and several thousand cities right here in the US, we know the information we provide can have an impact on a global scale. I’m proud to be a part of the future of educational entertainment and hope that our viewers continue to reach out to us for the help and support they need. Through the power of live streaming, we are able to provide the answers you need when you need them.

Tune in for new segments featuring cooking and crafting ideas that are friendly to kids on the spectrum, along with in-depth interviews with experts and other families on this journey.

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