CARD CEO Joins A Team, Helping Children With Autism Across the Globe

CARD Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh (2nd from left) is part of a team of leading autism experts that are working together to help children and families that are struggling with autism. The A-Team spreads hope and changes lives by teaching and applying comprehensive “whole body” treatments.

The A-Team has already helped many children and families and have been documenting their efforts and positive results along the way. The aim is to create a reality/documentary style television program that can reach millions of people worldwide.

The A-Team includes: Parent/Advocate, Physician, Clinical Psychologist/Behavior Therapist (Dr. Doreen), and an Autism Nutritionist.

A television pilot has already been “shot” and the proposed A-Team television series is currently being pitched to executives in the US and abroad. A short teaser “trailer” has been created that focuses on one of the A-Team’s cases; a young boy in England named Jon Edwards.

To help demonstrate public support for this educational series, we’re asking people to watch the trailer below, post a comment, and please share it with others.


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