Kind Of In The Area

I walk. Every day I take a tour of the block next to our office, and it’s not a pretty walk – just to get some exercise, clear the brain, move the old bones. My tour takes me through an alleyway turned parking lot, behind some businesses and bordering the freeway. Not pretty, but occasionally interesting – or better perhaps, perplexing.

As you might imagine, in an alleyway behind buildings are the usual assortment of dumpsters, put there for the convenience of the business owners.

Those dumpsters are also, seemingly, a great drawing card for the odd assortment of people who believe putting their old furniture, worn-out mattresses, and bags of trash out in an alley is perfectly acceptable! Not IN the dumpsters mind you…just, you know, kind of in the area.

They probably prowl around at night, cars or trucks loaded with their personal discards, looking for just the right spot. What do you suppose is going on in those funny little minds – driving around with trash, looking for a place they think is just right to throw it out, then pull away letting the problem become somebody else’s?

(I have an idea what’s in those funny little minds, but I won’t share it here)

While on a short business trip a few weeks ago, people would ask me what I do, and when I tell them about CARD, almost always the conversation lead to the question, “Why are the numbers going up? Is it better diagnosis? Were there just as many “back then”? I don’t know the answer, but I do wonder how many little ones were once put out….just, you know, kind of in the area.

I’m a lifelong conservative. I’m against big government. I don’t like tax increases that only support rampant spending.

BUT, I worry about how many people the State can support over their lifetime, how many little lives are in jeopardy, how many people are left out in the alleyway uncared for.

The California budget is in big trouble still…as are those budgets of virtually every other state in the union. But I live in California and know there are “negotiations” going on about the budget and cutting social services. As “interested persons” in the social network of autism, we need to get involved in helping the government help our kids.

Don’t dump them out in the alleyway…just, you know, kind of in the area.


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