Minnesota Autism Center to Begin Using CARD’s Online Program Called Skills

CARD announces Minnesota Autism Center (MAC) will begin using Skills™, CARD’s online autism solution, beginning August 1, 2012. The MAC center has approximately 250 children and youth affected by ASD that will benefit from the Skills program!

“MAC currently services individuals ages 2 to 21 throughout the state of Minnesota through a variety of programs,” says MAC’s Executive Director Kathyrn Marshall. “Skills is aligned with our curriculum in that the program tailors to meet the individualized needs of each person. We are excited to begin using Skills and feel confident it will help us continue to provide effective care and support for those affected by autism spectrum disorder.”

“We are honored to have the Minnesota Autism Center choose Skills as their online autism solution,” says Skills co-creator Adel Najdowski, PhD, BCBA-D. “Unlike other curriculum design tools for the treatment of autism, Skills has an assessment with a corresponding curriculum that addresses every skill a child learns in typical development from infancy to adolescence across every area of human development. Skills offers the first and only ABA-based comprehensive social skills, social cognition, and executive functions curricula available. It’s also one of the only online programs available that provides the ability to write behavior intervention plans for challenging behavior. When creating Skills, we really tried to make it as comprehensive and self-explanatory as possible with the goal of achieving positive results with every child.”

Skills is designed to give the educators of children with ASD access to the most comprehensive assessment of a child’s development available. The results of the assessment are linked directly to a set of eight curricula that provide individualized lesson plans with step-by-step instructions for teaching children with ASD the skills they need. Skills is based on empirically supported treatment. And while the system will automate a program for users, it allows users the flexibility to tailor the program to the child’s unique needs. Each of nearly 4,000 lesson activities also includes IEP goals, worksheets, visual aids, tracking forms, and lesson videos.

For more information about Skills, visit www.skillsforautism.com.

About Minnesota Autism Center:

The Minnesota Autism Center’s (MAC) mission is to promote and provide home, school and center-based therapeutic and academic services for children and youth affected by autism ASD. The Minnesota Autism Center promotes the general education and welfare of persons challenged by ASD and supports the development of healthy families. For more information about the Minnesota Autism Center, visit www.mnautism.org.