Holly Robinson Peete To Be On Autism Live

How many Autism Moms does it take to change the world?  Just one.  Holly Robinson Peete is the perfect example.  When her son was diagnosed with Autism her world changed so she changed the world.  She helped her son, researched, asked the hard questions, held on to her family and then reached out to help others.  Holly’s journey is one of empowerment, whether helping families to get access to services through the HollyRod Foundation or helping her other children to process their feelings about having a sibling on the spectrum or eloquently telling rappers to use their words wisely, Holly is the epitome of a strong Autism mom.

Tune in to the July 25th live episode of Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy with special guest Holly Robinson Peete to hear how this fierce Autism Momma views the world today.  Ask questions during the live web cast by visiting www.autism-live.com  starting at 11am Pacific Standard Time.

Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy is a weekly web show, co-hosted by Nancy Alspaugh Jackson, the Executive Director of Autism Care and Treatment Today! and Shannon Penrod, host of Autism Live, Autism’s only daily interactive media outlet.