Paper Clouds Apparel

My name is Robert Thornton and I am the founder of Paper Clouds Apparel. Paper Clouds Apparel is a fundraising organization I started to help raise funds for special needs schools and organizations that need a little help. We do so by taking amazing artwork created by individuals with special needs and then showcasing the art on Earth friendly, super soft bamboo shirts. Then 50% from each shirt sold goes back to the special needs school or organization that created the art.

I came up with the idea for Paper Clouds Apparel while visiting my mother in Northern California. My mother was a bus driver for special needs children and she had a little girl on her route who would draw the whole ride to school. Often she would give these drawings to my mother. I happened to be home visiting and saw one of her drawings hanging on my mothers fridge. I was fascinated by it! I spent the whole night looking at it. I woke up the next morning with the idea of putting that art on a shirt and using money from the sales of our shirts to help give special needs schools the funding they need to be able to get all the tools they need to help these amazing individuals.

I spent 2 years working hard to earn the money needed to start Paper Clouds Apparel. For the past two plus years we have teamed up with VALLEYLIFE, Arizona’s oldest habitation center helping over 450 individuals with special. Paper Clouds Apparel also hires the individuals with special needs at VALLEYLIFE to package all of our hirts, thus providing them with a steady income and a real sense of independence. My goal at Paper Clouds Apparel has always been to raise funding for special needs schools and organizations in all 50 states and eventually worldwide. To do this we have put a campaign on the crowdfunding site We are trying to raise $8,000 to expand. We have currently signed contracts with CARD, Autism Speaks, and 10 other special needs schools and organizations. We are always looking for more though!

To get this expansion off the ground we will need your contributions. If we can simply get all our friends to give up one Starbucks a day and contribute that $5 to our Kickstarter campaign we will soar well past our goal. Hopefully some of you will check out the link and even choose one of the rewards that will get you a Paper Clouds Apparel shirt, which I guarantee will be the softest shirt in your closet and get you tons of compliments :)

Feel free to go take a peek at the Paper Clouds Apparel Facebook page, we are also on Twitter @PaperCloudsPCA or check out our site at I am also always available to field any questions you have at our email or you can even reach me by phone at (602)525-1315. I would love to hear from all of you ! My passion in life is helping individuals with special needs and really hope to add all of you to the Paper Clouds Apparel family. Thank you so much to CARD for this amazing opportunity to be on their blog and I sincerely love every single one of you who help Paper Clouds Apparel, or individuals with special needs in any way.