The Autism Research Group

With all of the research that occurs every year in the autism world, it’s difficult to know whose funding these researchers, and what is becoming of their research. Here at CARD we want to address issues that a parent must face, and we want parents to see the results of the research. That’s why CARD is proud to be a part of the Autism Research Group (ARG).  This research group is led by CARD’s own Director of Research and Development, Dr. Jonathan Tarbox and is dedicated to making a change for the better for those with autism spectrum disorders.

The goal of the group is to solve problems for parents with children on the autism spectrum that haven’t been addressed by broader studies. What separates ART from other researchers is that all of the research conducted is done on problems that parents submit to the ARG website. Those questions are then analyzed and studies are designed that will help produce solutions!

SinceMarch 2012, ARG has already produced two published research papers. One study improved performance on working memory tasks in children with autism and the other taught children with autism how to comprehend sarcasm in everyday conversations.  We here at CARD are excited for all the help that ARG will give in the future and can’t wait to see what awesome findings they will come up with next! Make sure you check out their website and submit your own questions, you never know, they could conduct a study based on your question!