The Help Group to Begin Using Skills® Curriculum with Students with Autism

CARD is proud to announce that The Help Group, considered the largest comprehensive non-profit organization serving the needs of individuals with autism spectrum and related disorders, will begin a 4-month pilot of Skills® curriculum for 40 children with ASD, along with  the CARD eLearning™ training in ABA to help maximize their treatment services for students on the autism spectrum!

“The Help Group offers a very comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of its students. We are pleased to pilot CARD’s innovative Skills® program,” said Pamela Clark, Director of The Help Group’s Autism Schools.

CARD new program Skills develops and utilizes technology to increase access to training for professionals who work with individuals who have been diagnosed with ASD.

“Skills offers the first and only ABA-based comprehensive social skills, social cognition, and executive functions curricula available. It’s also one of the only online programs available that provides the ability to write behavior intervention plans for challenging behavior,” says Skills co-creator Adel Najdowski, PhD, BCBA-D. “When creating Skills, we really tried to make it as comprehensive and self-explanatory as possible with the goal of achieving positive results with every child.”

Unlike other curriculum design tools for the treatment of autism, Skills has an assessment with a corresponding curriculum that addresses every skill a child learns in typical development from infancy to adolescence across every area of human development. It is designed to give the educators of children with ASD access to the most comprehensive assessment of a child’s development available. The results of the assessment are linked directly to a set of eight curricula that provide individualized lesson plans with step-by-step instructions for teaching children with ASD the skills they need. Skills is based on empirically supported treatment. While the system will automate lessonsfor users, it allows users the flexibility to tailor the program to the child’s unique needs. Each of nearly 4,000 lesson activities also includes IEP goals, worksheets, visual aids, tracking formsand lesson videos.

Teachers, parents and practitioners can also use Skills as an effective management tool. The online program can evaluate treatment progress one child at a time. Skills provides charts and graphs that track treatment progress and the impact of various events (including other treatments and life events) on the child’s progress. Plus, by allowing the user to look at progress across a number of children, the user can evaluate treatment integrity down to the individual teacher.

For more information about Skills, visit  or call (818) 345-2345 extension 907.

About The Help Group:
Founded in 1975, The Help Group is the largest, most innovative and comprehensive nonprofit of its kind in the United States serving children with special needs related to autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental delays, abuse and emotional problems. The Help Group’s seven specialized day schools offer pre-K through high school programs for more than 1,400 students. The Help Group’s broad range of mental health and therapy services, child abuse and residential programs extends its reach to more than 6,000 children and their families each year. With 900 staff members, The Help Group’s state-of-the-art schools and programs are located on seven campuses in the Los Angeles area. For more information about The Help Group, visit