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The A-Word, Part 45: Statement Statement And Sequences


A lot of Jack Riley’s program are is about getting him to socialize with his peers. Jessica is working on a program with him called “statement-statement” which has him practicing making a statement after he hears someone else make one. For example Cheryl says, ” I am laying on the floor.” Jack Riley then responds, “I am playing.”

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Bringing Skills® Abroad


We had the opportunity to talk to her about Skills®. She was excited about the possibility of getting families in South Africa access to Skills®. She expressed the need for more help in South Africa due to the extreme poverty and lack of understanding there. We chatted for hours about how things are changing in South Africa and the hope the people have for more resources.

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As A Mom I Fall On The Anxious Side Of The Worrying Spectrum


I’ve added a family emergency plan and disaster supply kit to my To Do List. Every family has unique circumstances that must be considered in emergency planning. In my family it means stockpiling medication and formula for my son’s medical needs. Having a child with ASD will also mean some additional and specific planning.

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Mission Possible – portrait of hope – Justin

Here is the story of Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Justin. As he and his family battled and overcame an autism diagnosis.

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What surprised me was not how much I was able to convey, but how much I learned from my audience. I was there to train the parents on the new legislation they needed to become familiar with and they in turn helped train me to provide information that they and other parents needed to know.

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CARD Helps ACT Today! Raise a Quarter of a Million Dollars At 7th Annual Denim & Diamonds for Autism Fundraiser


ACT Today!’s (Autism Care and Treatment Today!) 7th Annual Denim & Diamonds for Autism fundraiser raised over $260,000 on Saturday, November 3, 2012 at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California. Net proceeds from the star-studded event will help provide resources and grants to children with autism whose families cannot afford or access the necessary tools their children need to reach their highest potential, including grants for therapy, medical care, assistance dogs, assistive technology, basic safety equipment, tuition for special needs schools and social skills programs. More than 500 guests attended the fundraiser.

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The A-Word Autism, Part 44: Constructive Play And Functional Pretend Play

Playing is learning. With constructive play, a child learns how to imitate others, and to use their imagination to generate structures. With functional pretend play, the child is givenan opportunity to practice using items appropriately and to work on his conversation skills by having him narrate his actions.

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The Growing Need For Autism Therapy

It’s no secret that the rate of children with autism has been steadily growing over the last two decades. Just a few years ago it was 1 in 110, now it’s 1 in 88 children are on the autism spectrum (with 1 in 54 males having autism).

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