The Growing Need For Autism Therapy

It’s no secret that the rate of children with autism has been steadily growing over the last two decades. Just a few years ago it was 1 in 110, now it’s 1 in 88 children are on the autism spectrum (with 1 in 54 males having autism).

With the rise in autism comes a rise in a variety of treatments, from biomedical, to behavior based; with treatments ranging from plausibly helpful, to ridiculous.  The most scientifically proven therapy for children with ASDs is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  ABA therapy has been scientifically proven to help children with autism. The only problem is that it is VERY time consuming and expensive.

In the past, most families haven’t had the money to have full weekly ABA Therapy sessions (about 40 hours a week), even though it’s what their child needs. However, with the passing of new legislation, some states are now mandating that insurances cover ABA Therapy. Finally right?

With this new change in legislation, families are now flooding to autism therapy providers to get treatment for their children. And in return autism therapy providers are actively seeking to hire therapists and BCBAs.

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So what are we saying? We’re saying CARD is hiring! Do you want to work for the world’s largest ABA provider? Let us know! Email us at or check us out online at