Employing A Workforce

Here at Paper Clouds Apparel we take enormous pride in the fact that we hire individuals with special needs to package all of our bamboo shirts. 93% of all individuals with special needs that are of working age are unemployed. People with autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other disorders have an extremely hard time finding gainful employment for various reasons. Our goal at Paper Clouds Apparel is to keep growing at a staggering rate so we can put a dent in these numbers in our home of Phoenix, Arizona.

With everyone’s help we can provide a stress free, safe working environment for these amazing individuals. Giving individuals with special needs the opportunity to earn a steady paycheck is amazing, but I feel the most important benefit to our program is giving them a massive boost in their self esteem. Being able to contribute to society is an opportunity most of these friends of our unfortunately miss out on. So let’s hope people keep purchasing Paper Clouds Apparel shirts and we can keep growing our work force!

Want to get one of these awesome shirts? Click here and help employ individuals with special needs as well as raising awareness for autism!