Autism Research Group Workshop

Last Thursday, the Autism Research Group (ARG) hosted a 1-day workshop covering 5 topics:

  •      “Teaching Safety Skills to Individuals with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities” addressed a wide array of safety skills, including fire safety and stranger abduction.
  •      “Addressing ‘Theory of Mind’/Perspective-Taking Deficits in Treatment Planning” reviewed the social cognitive deficits associated with autism and when and how to incorporate perspective-taking interventions into a treatment program. 
  •     “Addressing Executive Function Deficits in Treatment Planning” explored deficits in planning and organization in individuals with autism and appropriate intervention strategies.
  •      “Curriculum Programming for Children with Perspective-Taking and Executive Functioning Deficits” expanded on the information from the previous seminars, providing hands-on experience in developing individualized curriculum programs for individuals in these areas.
  •     “Treating Feeding Disorders in Real-Life Settings,” took the treatment of feeding disorders from theory to practice.

The workshop was packed, every seat was filled, and  the energy in the room was high, as everyone was eager to learn how ABA can tackle advanced skills such as perspective taking, executive functions, and safety skills.

Many of the intervention strategies touched upon by the research studies presented were based on lesson activities within the Skills® curriculum.

“Everyone seemed genuinely excited to learn more about the application of behavior analysis to teaching perspective taking, executive functions, and safety skills. In a one-day workshop, it’s impossible to cover so much content to the level of detail required to provide step-by-step procedures, so I was really happy to be able to give every attendee 90-days access to the Skills curriculum.” – Dr Adel Najdowski – Skills

All in all, the workshop was well received and provided a unique opportunity for ABA professionals to meet with some of the top researchers in the field to learn strategies for tackling advanced topics in behavioral intervention.

“The workshop was a great success. The event was primarily targeted toward BCBAs but we had clinicians from a variety of disciplines, educators, and parents from across Southern California. The participants enriched the experience by contributing comments and helpful discussion throughout.” – Dr. Jonathan Tarbox – Autism Research Group (ARG)

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