Attention California Families: New Regulations

As you may have heard, California’s Department of Insurance filed emergency regulations last month which were made permanent this week.  These regulations reiterate existing law and target the delays and denials of insurance carriers who have sought to limit the application of California’s autism mandate.  This is a great victory for California’s autism community, as the permanent regulations represent another tool in the arsenal of families who have been struggling to get authorization for autism treatment or battling with insurance carriers to get sufficient hours and authorizations in a timely fashion.

                                Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

This is a relatively new era in autism treatment in California in which the court decisions, regulations, and existing and proposed legislation collectively support the autism community and provide a critical unified front for families struggling to get the treatment that they need.  In addition to the ongoing efforts of California’s insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, California’s legislative bodies, through efforts spearheaded by Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and his staff, are hard at work crafting additional legislation to ensure that individuals with autism get the funding and support they need, whether it comes from regional centers or insurance carriers.  CARD is honored to be a part of these legislative efforts, which we hope to share with you in the near future.  In the meantime, please know that, if you encounter obstacles to autism treatment, California law is on your side, and CARD is happy to provide resources to you when issues arise.  Your child deserves every medically necessary hour of treatment that is requested on his/her behalf, and these new regulations not only reinforce that fact but, also, target the obstacles to treatment created by reticent insurance carriers.

If your insurance carrier has been among those creating obstacles to treatment, please take advantage of this positive development to utilize your insurance coverage to the fullest extent.