Showing Others Compassion In Action

You might be looking at this picture and wondering “Why”? On Monday April 8th the Autism Live crew was joined by Glee actor Mark Christopher Lawrence, the author of Cowboy & Wills Monica Holloway, Wrong Planet founder Alex Plank, the director of ACT Today! Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, and from Onyx Salon Lorenzo the stylist came to help Shannon Shave her head as an act of compassion for a young dad with brain cancer.

This April is Autism Awareness Month (as probably most of you know) and Shannon wanted to do something extra for the community at large. She wanted to impact someone positively, not just by talking about helping others, but by actually ‘doing’ it.  Shannon’s niece tolder her about a young Dad that had brain cancer at her church. Through that church they were raising money to give to the  family for everyone that shaved their head as an act of compassion for the young Dad. Shannon saw this as an immediate action she could do to actively help someone else.

This month as we all look to promote awareness for autism, Shannon is calling us to show compassion to others. This month the autism community is asking the world for understanding and compassion towards autism. What better way to promote autism awareness than to show others compassion! Big or small we can all make a change!

And so Shannon is calling on all YOU to join her this month by showing others compassion. Shannon shaved her head this month, what are you going to do?