Maddy – Mission Possible – Portrait of Hope

This is the story of Maddy and her amazing story of progress through autism with the help of her dedicated and loving parents and SkillsĀ®, an online autism treatment program. Maddy wasn’t fortunate enough to live anywhere near a CARD treatment center, so her family enlisted the help of Skills – an online program for the treatment of autism. Skills allowed Maddy to benefit from access to a world-class web-based system for designing and managing a professional-quality autism treatment plan with the added benefit of live support via webchat or the Skills online support center. Watch this video, and see for yourself firsthand how Skills made a difference in Maddy’s life.

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BEGAN SERVICES WITH CARD: Began using Skills in November 2010, at 2.5 years of age

MAJOR MILESTONES: “We started our ABA program in September and in October, she reached out and asked me to hold her hand. I knew then. She would never let anyone hold her hand let alone ask for it! Her tiny little voice said to me after an ABA session, “Hold hand” and she slipped her hand into mine. I knew ABA was working.”
– Maddy’s mother

MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: Maddy is 5 years old now and she is in Kindergarten. She spent the last 2 years mainstreamed in preschool.