Skills Makes It In Autism News Of Orange County

Skills® is making a big splash this summer! We had a very favorable review in Behavior Analysis in Practice in June. In July, CARD’s “Mission Possible: Portraits of Hope” online video series highlighting personal journeys, challenges, and successes of children with autism released a video of Maddy Robinson who achieved recovery from autism after early intervention and applied behavior analysis (ABA) intervention led by her parents using the Skills curriculum. 

Now Skills is being featured in Autism News of Orange County’s (ANOC) Summer 2013 edition focused on curricula for children with Autism!

Autism News of Orange County & the Rest of the World (ANOC) is a collaborative publication for parents and professionals with the mission of sharing best practices, research-based strategies, and innovative educational approaches for individuals with autism.  Founded and edited by Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz, BCBA-D, ANOC began as a communication tool for the Interagency Autism Group of Orange County, CA.  Over the past nine years, via an online presence, ANOC has grown beyond the borders of Orange County and now reaches families, educators, and professionals around the world.

“Best practice,” “Research-based,” “Innovative Educational Approach?” All great descriptors for Skills!  Our web-based assessment, curriculum, and treatment program is unique; combining over 40 years of research with the latest technology, Skills® is the most comprehensive and individualized assessment-linked curriculum available.

It is so exciting to see Skills getting recognition in the Autism community!

To download a free copy of ANOC’s latest edition featuring Skills, visit: