Chase N’ Yur Face

Get Up and Go!  Make It Happen!  Check It Out!  Do Something Good!  These actions are what define Chase N’ Yur Face, and are at the heart what defines all of us. is all about living a complete and meaningful life, wherever you are and whoever you are.  It’s about believing in positive and profound possibilities and then making the decisions, taking the actions, and nurturing the relationships required to make these possibilities reality, no matter how great or small they may seem.  My son Chase was diagnosed with Autism when he was almost 3 years old.  It was discovered later on that his autistic-like symptoms were caused by a mild form of Periventricular Leukomalacia, a brain injury sustained while in utero as a result of the extreme hypertension I experienced during my pregnancy. (To read more about Chase’s symptoms and diagnosis, visit, and click on “Something for the Parents”).  Chase N’ Yur Face is a site that Chase and I established to provide another venue through which Chase could interact and experience the world.  Through the site, Chase shares with his audience pictures, words, and video, that show and describe, places he has visited; music he likes to listen to; people he admires; things he enjoys to read; ways to better the world; his personal passions (food and cooking) and much more! was also created to inspire others to focus on and celebrate the gifts and talents that we ALL have, regardless of diagnosis or challenges.

As Chase and I live out each day, I am continually aware that lives are literally created and sustained by decisions, actions, and relationships.  One of the most significant and life changing decisions, actions, and relationships I’ve ever made for Chase and myself, was our partnership with CARD, after Chase received his diagnosis.  Like C.N.Y.F., our friends at CARD clearly believe in the potential and the unique value of each individual, and they are dedicated to discovering and nurturing concrete ways to bring that potential and value to life.  For me and Chase, the supervisors and therapists at CARD, were among the founding members of our support system. We were with CARD for six years, and their commitment, professionalism, knowledge, and skills have proven to be invaluable.  Their work was not just a job with a paycheck – it was a personal passion and investment in the life of Chase, myself, and a greater purpose.  CARD understood and practiced partnership with me as a parent.  With CARD, there were no generic, artificial, cookie cutter curricula or techniques that they tried to use with every child.  They studied Chase, listened to my insights, took in Chase’s doctors input, brainstormed ideas, and then put it all together to create a program that catapulted Chase into a higher dimension of existence.  The daily therapy that the CARD team established was all encompassing, intensive, and designed to strengthen, establish and improve, Chase’s eye contact, comprehension, language, speech, self-help, socialization, physical coordination, eating habits and personal care.  CARD was also key in advocating on Chase’s behalf with the school he attended, and they equipped me with parenting techniques that would benefit both Chase and me.

The basic foundation that CARD provided, was not just life changing, it was life giving.  CARD provided hope in action, and helped turn potential and possibilities into reality. Since our time with CARD, Chase has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.  We invite you to join our journey by visiting and posting your comments at Enjoy and participate in all of the interesting and fun activities, people, places, things, and ideas that Chase and I share with you. A “must-see” feature on the site is Chase’s cooking show under “Make It Happen”! It’s a particular passion of Chase’s, and is quickly turning into a popular feature with viewers. Two episodes of his show have been posted so far, and there are many more to come!