November 2013 Smarty

November’s Smarty is a Scavenger Hunt – a perfect rainy day activity! Scavenger hunts directly target picture-object matching, and visual and spatial memory skills.  Because a scavenger hunt can be adapted with endless variations, it can be used to target a myriad of skills that’s perfect for preschool to adulthood.

Here are a few variations you can do with a scavenger hunt:

–          Turn the hunt into a team activity for a play date or make it a competition.  Scavenger hunts make great birthday party activities too!

–          Make this a socialization opportunity at a family gathering.  If your child is shy around extended family, a photo scavenger hunt is a perfect ice breaker, and gives numerous opportunities to practice conversation skills.  Give your child a list of names or pictures and ask them to find those people and take their picture for a memory album and ask them to find specific activities.

–          Add a timed component.  Use your timer to see how fast your child can complete the hunt.  If your child has anxiety about timed activities this is a low pressure, enjoyable way to build confidence while being timed.

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