Ask Dr. Doreen

Tune in to Autism Live on Wednesday’s at 10 am to see CARD founder Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answer YOUR questions about autism!

Here are the questions that Dr. Doreen answers this week:

00:29 What can we tell an anxious mom to get her to take action towards getting a diagnosis?
06:38 Can you explain the term “affect” when it comes to autism?
07:57 Is the number 1 in 50 boys still accurate?
13:58 Is there any training online that can certify me in ABA?
15:50 What’s the best way to explain a family death to a 4-year-old with autism?
22:38 Can what looks like self-injurious behavior have an anxiety or sensory component?
26:15 My niece was diagnosed with ADHD, though I see similarities to my son with PDD-NOS. She is on medication and I worry she is not on the right path for treatment and education.
32:29 Our daughter will not use more than one word at a time even though she knows more than 100. How can we encourage her to use more words together?
36:54 How do you teach a child not to lie once they’ve learned how to?

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