Ask Dr. Doreen January 29th

Check out the latest segment of Ask Dr. Doreen on Autism Live, featuring CARD founder Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, answering YOUR questions about autism! Here are the topics Dr. Doreen tackles this week with Autism Live host Shannon Penrod.

00:14 How can I teach my 7-year-old to have a fear of danger?
12:49 What can I do when my oldest son’s ASD behaviors rub off on his younger brother?
17:47 My 10-year-old has side effects from Resperidone and can’t take ADHD meds. What else could his doctor try?
26:20 What is the best strategy for a behavior whose function is escape?
38:28 How far do we go back to find the antecedent and how far forward for the consequence of a behavior?
44:53 How do I find the function of a behavior when it seems like it could be a lot of things? It could be sensory, attention, or habit maybe?

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