We’re One Big Family

We’re almost halfway through February and CARD’s “Month of Love”!

Today we’d like to recognize Ethan, a child who was diagnosed with autism at age two and has been a member of the #CARDFamily since 2005. Since his diagnosis and treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) , we’ve had the privilege of being a part of Ethan’s growth and development.

By the age of six, Ethan recovered from autism. He was able to do this, not only from CARD’s intensive ABA treatment, but with the absolute determination and dedication he received from his parents.

At CARD we believe that you grow most when you have people surrounding you that not only care for you, but also believe in you. That’s why at CARD we BELIEVE in you, and invest not only in you, but your families as well. Ethan and his story are just an example of what you can accomplish when you combine the dedication of a family, a provider that goes the extra mile, and a research-proven therapy for autism.