Big News In Mississippi

Great news from Mississippi! This week, legislators in the House of Representatives passed a bill to mandate insurance to cover autism by an unprecedented vote of 120 to 0!

Now that the bill has passed the House, it heads to the Mississippi Senate. But before the bill can be presented on the Senate floor, it must first be referred to select committees by Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves. At the committee level, this bill will be reviewed until March 4. If the bill passes, it will head to the Senate floor to be decided upon by March 12.

The new bill, entitled ‘House Bill 542′, mandates that the State and Schools Employee Health Insurance Plan must cover diagnosis and treatment for autism. This is great news as Mississippi is joining ranks with more than 30 other states nationwide that require health plans to cover autism therapy.

Do you know if your state has mandated coverage for autism therapy and how the Affordable Care Act will impact treatment coverage in your area? Check out this handy map for help!

For more information about House Bill 542 click here.