About CARD

Center for Autism & Related Disorders

The Center for Autism & Related Disorders was established in 1990 by Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh. Dr. Granpeesheh studied autism treatment for 12 years under the direction of renowned autism treatment scientist Dr. Ivar Lovaas at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Lovaas discovered that intensive early intervention using Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment yielded a 47% recovery rate among children with autism who participated in his study.

Building off these findings, Dr. Granpeesheh and her associates authored a treatment curriculum for children diagnosed with autism now known as the CARD Treatment Approach and opened the first CARD office in Los Angeles, California in 1990. She continued to train hundreds of therapists and supervisors on this methodology and has successfully treated and recovered thousands of children. Today, CARD has 17 offices in the United States, one office in Sydney, Australia and one office in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition, CARD provides parent/therapist training and consultation worldwide through their workshop-model services.

CARD is committed to science as the most objective and reliable approach to evaluating treatment for autism, and invests in autism research to further effective treatments, and in 2005 established the CARD Research & Development Department. The department’s mission is to investigate assessment and treatment strategies and to disseminate findings and derived technology through publication and education of professionals and the public. While the primary focus of the research is ABA-based methods of assessment and treatment, the overall approach to research includes any topic which may hold promise for producing information that could improve the lives of individuals with autism.

CARD is committed to developing products and services that will further effective treatment. In 2009, CARD plans to release SKILLS (Shaping Knowledge Through Individualized Life Learning Systems) a comprehensive web-based system designed to give behavioral educators of children with autism training in Applied Behavior Analysis and how it is used to teach skills to children with autism, an assessment tool (SKILLS Index) to identify the child’s mastered and unmastered skills, and a set of curricula that can be utilized to design an individualized ABA-based program based on the needs.

With a staff of over 700 worldwide, CARD strives for success and even recovery for every individual they treat.

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