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The A-Word Autism, Part 41: Cheryl & Mike Neet Nick Who Recovered From Autism

Cheryl and Mike sit down and talk with Nick, who recovered from autism in 2001 at the age of four. They discuss what he remembers from being in therapy, and what school was like for him. Nick is candid about his experience with bullying, and gives Mom and Dad some insight on what it’s like growing up with autism.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 39: Feeding Issues

It’s been over a year since Jack Riley was diagnosed with autism and ten months since he began ABA therapy. Cheryl and Mike discuss how feeding used to be a nightmare and how this has radically changed for the better. Jack Riley used to not feed himself and his diet was limited to apple sauce, yogurt and bananas. His diet has since expanded greatly and he is now more willing to try new foods.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 38: Potty Training

The big day is finally here — potty training. With the aid of Jack Riley’s parents, therapists, reinforcers, and pottylog, success is bound to happen. Watch how the principles of ABA can be applied to teach potty training.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 33: New Therapist Training with Shizue

Jack Riley gets a visitor today during his session. Shizue is a new therapist and must complete field work training with another therapist before she is allowed to work alone with kids in the field. Today Jessica not only teaches Jack Riley some new things like actions and manding, but Shizue as well.

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The A-word, Autism Part 32: Baby Sister Is On The Way


Another child is about to be added to Jack Riley’s family. Little sister is going to be born today, and with that, a lot of changes will occur that everyone will need to adjust to. .rax_tsmdwc_main { float:right; background: ; border: ; padding: 10px; margin:0px 10px 10px 10px; margin-right:0px; } .rax_tsmswc_inner { float:right; margin:0px 10px [...]

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The A-Word, Autism Part 31: Expanding Language


When Jack Riley first began services with CARD he wasn’t speaking. Now, after 9 months, he uses three word sentences to communicate, and his therapists are continually teaching him new frames of language to use. Learning takes a little longer for those on the autism spectrum, but by teaching lessons in small sections, and then connecting, and expanding, significant progress can be made.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 30: Advancing Skills


Every skill he learns builds on the next to create a comprehensive skillset which will facilitate appropriate communication and interaction. Each week represents tangible progress. To witness the progress, stay tuned and check out earlier episodes as well.

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The A-Word, Autsim Episode 29: Being Affectionate


Today Jack Riley is more interested in playing with others than his toys. Social interaction is becoming more motivating for him which is a good thing. Jack Riley’s isn’t the only one in affectionate mood, dad is also enjoying his time with him.

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The A-Word, Part 28: Token Boards And Visual Schedules


Children with autism have cognitive issues such as being able to plan ahead. Having items such as token boards and visual schedules help kids like Jack Riley to anticipate what will happen next and therefore are less anxious and less likely to tantrum.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 27: Providing Solutions For Noncompliance And Biting


In this week’s episode, we learn that outings have become an issue for Cheryl and Mike as Jack Riley has been attempting to bite his therapists and his mother out of aggression. Jessica takes Jack Riley on a walk outside with the family to determine the antecedent (what happens before the behavior of biting) , and the consequence (what happens after the behavior). Once this is determined, it will allow her to modify Jack Riley’s behavior.

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