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The Autspot

It’s amazing how some of the most helpful ideas come from the people that actually need them the most. Just 17 years ago, my 20 year old cousin, Matthew, was diagnosed with a somewhat rare and misunderstood disorder called autism. At that time, Matthew was one of the 2,500 children in the United States with autism, which was a developmental disability that nobody in my family knew very much about. Through research and doctor’s visits we were able to find our way, but throughout his adolescence, we could only wish to receive the support, knowledge, and motivation from other families in our situation. Back then, autism diagnosis was just too few and far between for us to get the necessary resources and community involvement that we needed. It was not until Matthew was a young adult that the prevalence of autism started taking such an abrupt increase in numbers around the world, and an active autism community of families, researchers, and organizations began to take shape.

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The Autspot

TheAUTSPOT library gives site visitors the opportunity to learn about everything from the different autism related therapies to legal advice. Many of our site members get a lot of benefit from our online calendar, which shows all the autism related events taking place in the calendar year (national conferences, seminars, local support groups), and allows each member to post the autism related activities that they know of as well. And lastly, our most unique feature is our developmental charts, which allows each family on the site to plot out the progress of their child’s developmental skills as they mature in age. We encourage you to visit our site, and join for free!

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