By hmoore

CARD Explores Denver

Ben Craighead and I took our first trip to Denver, Colorado in order to expand CARD’s mission of helping improve the lives of individuals diagnosed with autism. We began our trip by attending the Autism Society of Colorado’s (ASC) Annual Summer Picnic on July 17, 2011. The event was an intimate get-together of families, service providers and volunteers at Berkeley Park to share in food, fun and family. We were greeted by many friendly faces, one of which was ASC’s Executive Director Betty Lehman. We had a lengthy conversation regarding the three methods of support that ASC provides to the Denver community: Advocacy for services to all affected by autism; through their efforts to create and support public policy regarding services; and through community education. Betty also introduced us to many of the ASC staff and supporting families and we were able to expand on CARD’s variety of services.