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How Cool Are These? We Found 6 Awesome Gadgets for Parents of Children with Special Needs!

Parenting a child with special needs can have its ups and downs. However, thanks to the fact that we now live in a world filled with advanced technology, we have access to a variety of handy gadgets that can be useful and make life a whole lot easier. From keeping your kids entertained to ensuring [...]

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IBT’s Top Ten Autism Holiday Tips


The Institute for Behavioral Training (IBT) this week released ten of its top tips to minimize challenges for families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during the holiday season.

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Pouting Pumpkins, Grinning Gourds, Smirking Squash


Yes, Costco now has 5 aisles of Christmas décor, but it is still pumpkin season for at least a month! Do you have a pumpkin at home yet?

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Smarty – October Spooky Eye Portraits


It’s October and while the ghosts and ghouls are out to play, we wanted to work on labeling emotions and socio-dramatic play with our kids by making spooky eye portraits. Using ping pong balls you get the illusion the pictures eyes are following you! Creeeepy! And, using props and costumes to take the photos is a great learning opportunity for our kids to act out different emotions and expressions. Enjoy!

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Smarty – Smart Art February Project


It’s important that our kids are able to use their imagination, and what better way than playing with sock puppets! Here Suzanne teaches us how to make sock puppets with interchangeable faces to not only practice using imagination, but to help learn and identify emotions and expressions.

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Emergency Preparedness – Part 2


Have you made your disaster kit yet? I’ll admit, mine is still a work in progress, but I’m determined to have it done before Christmas!

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