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The A-Word, Autism Part 23: 6 Months Of ABA Therapy


Jack Riley has now had 6 months of ABA therapy. When he first started working with CARD he was non-verbal. Now he labels, tacts, and has a vocabulary that is constantly increasing.

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The A-Word, Part 22: Tacting and Joint Attention

Jack Riley Tacting

After six months of ABA therapy, Jack Riley has become significantly more vocal. He now consistently labels items and mands. In this epidode, we observe as Jack Riley tacts with joint attention, which is a major accomplishment as lack of joint attention is a key identifying sign of autism.

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The A-Word, Part 21: Requesting and Reinforcement


Jack Riley is now requesting what he wants which is now beginning to prove difficult for his parents, since they are suppose to reinforce each request.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 20: Transitioning is a Life Skill

Jack Riley

Transitioning from one activity to the next is difficult for Jack Riley, partially because of inflexibility, and which requires the family to plan ahead. By planning ahead, Jack Riley’s family help him transition to different activities by anticipating .rax_tsmdwc_main { float:right; background: ; border: ; padding: 10px; margin:0px 10px 10px 10px; margin-right:0px; } .rax_tsmswc_inner { [...]

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The A-Word, Part 19:

Jack Riley

Part 19 of the series following Jack Riley in his journey through ABA Therapy. In this episode, Jack learns three new programs: actions, categories, and body parts.

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The A-Word, Part 18: Language Comprehension

The A-Word

Jack Riley’s language comprehension is developing constantly, and today he demonstrates a language skill he hasn’t done before.

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The A-Word Part 17: Don’t Give Up

Jack Riley

This is the second half of the interview with Jack Riley’s parents, Cheryl and Mike. In this half, they define what ABA therapy is and describe what it is like from the perspective of a family experiencing it first hand, jargon free.

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The A-Word Part 16: Today Versus Yesterday

After three months of ABA therapy with Jack Riley I sit down with his parents, Cheryl and Mike, to discuss how therapy has impacted their lives and their perception of autism.

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The A-word Part 15: I and Eye Contact

Love and humor is the glue that binds Mike, Cheryl and Jack Riley. In part 15 we see their unique family dynamic as well as Jack Riley making spontaneous eye contact with his therapist Jessica.

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The A-Word Part 14: Introducing Someone New

In this episode we learn that things are going to change in Jack Riley’s home.

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