New Study Validates Skills® Assessment for Designing Customized Curricula to Help Children with Autism

The study validates the online Skills® Assessment, offering clinicians a state-of-the-art means to individualize treatment plans and maximize skill acquisition for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

In a new study published in the journal Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders on Jan. 9, 2014, researchers at Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) find value in the comprehensive Skills® Assessment, which helps clinicians develop individualized treatment plans for children with autism.  Accurate assessment is vital to curriculum planning and skill acquisition for children with autism as it establishes a foundation from which treatment will be implemented.  A comprehensive assessment allows clinicians to gain a thorough understanding of how a child functions across all areas and helps the clinician design the most customized treatment program based on the child’s needs, thus maximizing results. The results of the study found that the Skills® Assessment has excellent concurrent validity between parent report and direct observation, allowing treatment to be more individualized, targeted and efficient. Read More »

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The Importance of Play

For primarily younger children, a child’s playtime may serve as the medium through which parents, teachers, and therapists get a child’s attention to learn. By effectively gaining the attention of a child through play, one can make the most of every play moment by inserting valuable lessons into playtime. Read More »

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How Can I Afford ABA?

As an autism therapy provider, one of the most frequent questions we get asked by families is about how to pay for services. Most families do not have the necessary income to cover a full-time ABA program for their child, so they look to their insurance provider for help. Read More »

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Potty Training

Watch how the principles of ABA can be applied to teach potty training to a child with autism. With the assistance of therapists from CARD, as well as a reinforcers, and a pottylog, success is bound to happen. Read More »

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Ask Dr. Doreen

Here’s another segment of CARD founder Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh on Autism Live answering questions about autism from viewers. Here are the topics she covers this week: Read More »

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Autism Live: A Great Resource For Autism!

Autism Live is an interactive webshow providing support, resources, information, facts, entertainment and inspiration to parents, teachers and practitioners working with children on the autism spectrum. Read More »

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Planning & Organizing

It’s that time of year.

I’m shamelessly susceptible to commercial marketing.  Candy corn never crosses my mind until midway through September when the backpacks and crayons disappear and Halloween candy floods retail stores.  I’m first in line for a gingerbread latte on November 1. Right now, it is in the high 80s in Southern California and I still bought a pair of gloves last week.  Read More »

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Ask Dr. Doreen

Tune in to Autism Live on Wednesday’s at 10 am to see CARD founder Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answer YOUR questions about autism! Read More »

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California Autism Survey

The Autism Society of California is pleased to release our 2014 California Autism Survey.  While a number of areas are explored in the survey, the two major areas of focus are autism insurance and employment.  The survey will be open through Wednesday, February 5, 2014 for input by parents, guardians and individuals with autism. Read More »

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Autism Learning Games: Camp Discovery App Utilizes Technology to Revolutionize Learning for Children with Autism

The educational, evidence-based app helps children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) overcome deficits by learning new skills.

CARD proudly announces the release of Autism Learning Games: Camp Discovery, which houses a growing suite of educational games designed to teach children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) new skills. The app incorporates the evidence-based behavior principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) used in the comprehensive CARD curriculum for over 20 years.  It offers fun learning opportunities for children with ASD, ages 2 and older, to learn lessons thoroughly by matching, sorting, and completing receptive tasks.  Camp Discovery is available at no cost for iPad and is coming soon for iPhone, Android and Kindle devices. Read More »

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