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November 2013 Smarty

November’s Smarty is a Scavenger Hunt – a perfect rainy day activity! Scavenger hunts directly target picture-object matching, and visual and spatial memory skills. Because a scavenger hunt can be adapted with endless variations it can be used to target a myriad of skills and is an appropriate activity for preschool to adulthood.

June Smarty

Summer Time! Preschool ended today and summer is stretching out before us. What did I do all day with my kids before preschool?! My first summer priority is lowering my standards and remembering that my daughter does not need me to turn into a preschool teacher for the summer. She is going to have to entertain herself some of the time.* I also need to step it up a little bit and provide some structured activities.


Egg-citing ABA!

One of my favorite ways for parents to maintain and generalize skills learned during therapy is to incorporate learned skills into seasonal or holiday activities. It ensures that concepts will be presented in a new way (in the context of the holiday). It also familiarizes children with seasonal and holiday traditions and objects. Easter eggs are one of the easiest and most versatile tools for generalization.

California Autism Insurance Mandate Extension

Senator Darrell Steinberg has authored a bill, SB 126, to extend California’s autism insurance mandate until July 1, 2019. Without this bill, the autism mandate will sunset in 2014. The Senate Health Committee will hear this bill on April 10th, and your letters in support of the bill are vital to its passage. For your convenience, we have attached a sample letter of support. Of course, we encourage you to share your personal story with Senator Steinberg regarding the importance of the autism insurance mandate to you and your family. All letters should be emailed to Louis.Vismara@sen.ca.gov or faxed to (916)327-8867. Your support makes all the difference!

Award-winning “The Story of Luke” Has Orange County Premiere At Irvine International Film Festival

Fluid Film is pleased to announce the Orange County Premiere of “The Story of Luke”, an award-winning film written and directed by Alonso Mayo starring Lou Taylor Pucci, Seth Green, Cary Elwes and Kristin Bauer, at the Irvine International Film Festival on Sunday, January 20th at 6:30pm (Edwards Westpark 8 in Irvine). There will be a Q&A after the screening with the filmmakers.