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The A-Word Part 4: Finding A Voice

It’s been years since experts blamed the mother for autism—since doctors believed that it was distant mothers – or “refrigerator mothers” – a lack of closeness and warmth toward their babies—that led to this condition in which children resisted hugs and eye contact.

Join CARD In Supporting Austin Beutner for LA Mayor 2013

Austin Beutner recently served as the deputy mayor of Los Angeles, and had the task of solving some of the city’s largest economic problems. Austin has vast expertise in creating, building, and managing large businesses, and supporters believe that this experience will enable him to reform the city-wide bureaucratic systems that often stifle efforts for improvement.

Family Vacations and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Some of my greatest childhood memories are from family vacations. My mom and I have ridden on horseback down the Haleakala Crater in Maui, explored the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins in Mexico, and marveled at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. However, along with all the excitement of traveling comes a great deal of stress. From checking bags and navigating through airport security to enduring flight delays and long layovers, traveling can be a real hassle. And while most people find traveling stressful, it can be especially difficult for families of children with autism.