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Center for Autism and Related Disorders Receives Social Skills Research Grant


San Diego, CA | December 19, 2011 – The National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) has awarded the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) a Community Project Grant to conduct a randomized trial of a playgroup for teaching social skills to children with autism spectrum disorders. Twenty-four children, ages five to seven, will learn critical social skills, such as sharing, turn-taking, initiating play, joining play, and maintaining play over the course of a 12-week program called Creating Opportunities to Meet Peers and Advance Social Skills (The COMPASS Project). The study will take place at CARD’s San Diego location with no cost to participants.

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CARD Researchers Publish On Challenging Behavior


We are happy to announce the publication of “The Handbook of High-Risk Challenging Behaviors in People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.” CARD researchers Jonathan Tarbox, PhD, Amy Kenzer, PhD, and Michele Bishop, PhD, wrote the chapter on “Ruminative Vomiting,” a severe behavior that can have major health consequences if not treated rapidly and effectively. When children with autism ruminate, they voluntarily regurgitate into their own mouths, re-chew the food, and then re-swallow it.

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Dr. Jonathan Tarbox Comments on “Changing Perceptions: The Power of Autism”


This week,CARD Research Director Dr. Jonathan Tarbox was featured in the article “Is ThereAn Upside to Autism,” in response to Dr. Laurent Mottron’s opinions expressed in the recent commentary “Changing Perceptions: The Power of .rax_tsmdwc_main { float:right; background: ; border: ; padding: 10px; margin:0px 10px 10px 10px; margin-right:0px; } .rax_tsmswc_inner { float:right; margin:0px 10px 10px [...]

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CARD Colorado Autism Conference Features Practical Solutions for Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Dr. Jonathan Tarbox will engage you with “Practical Solutions for Addressing Challenging Behaviors”. Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) often display challenging behaviors such as stereotypy, aggression, self-injurious behavior, tantrums, and property destruction. Several decades of research have conclusively shown that addressing the function, or cause, of the behavior is an effective approach to decreasing challenging behaviors and replacing them with positive alternative behaviors.

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Dr. Jonathan Tarbox: Small Victories In Autism

A few thoughts on meaningful outcomes of treatment for individuals severely affected by autism.

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