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A Behind The Scenes Look At The A-Word


I have been working for CARD as the social networking coordinator since November 2010, and yesterday was the first time I sat in on a therapy session. Before working here I was unfamiliar with autism and didn’t know that it is treatable. Luckily, the session I had the opportunity to sit in on was with Jack Riley as he worked with his therapist Jessica as The A-Word was being filmed.

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The A-Word, Autism Part 26: Struggling With Expectations


In this episode, Mike discusses his concerns over Jack Riley’s recent tantrums and general non-compliance during outings. Mike shares with Jessica his hopes and concerns about his son’s future and how autism may shape that.
For more information about ABA Therapy go to http://centerforautism.com

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The A-Word Part 10: Learning, Dad Included

Jack Riley has been doing ABA therapy now for 8 weeks. He isn’t the only one learning though during these sessions. Today we see Jack Riley’s Senior therapist Jessica, give Dad a few pointers to get his son to be more verbal.

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