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Social Skills Seminar

“We received such positive feedback from parents during our last Social Skills Group session and decided not to only continue the sessions but increase them with a new age group,’ says Evelin Garcia, PsyD, CARD Assessment Director. “The Social Skills Group will help increase your child’s reciprocal conversation, ability to initiate, maintain and take turns during conversations. This will also help your child identify and cope with the physiological symptoms of anxiety related to new social situations as well as learn alongside peers with similar social skills.”

Educators Sign Up For Skills At International Conference

Last week, educators from around the world attended the 2011 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Philadelphia. Conference organizers say more 17,000 people were in attendance to see, touch, and learn about products and services from more than five hundred of the top education technology companies in the world. Many of the attendees visited the Skills™ exhibit area to learn about the web-based product to effectively design and manage a comprehensive, individualized treatment program for children with autism and related disorders.


Several media groups (Windy City Times, Chicago Parent Magazine, AutismOne live streaming) interviewed Team Skills and Dr. Granpeesheh on the effectiveness of Skills’ Web-based program and CARD’s state-of-the-art therapy which have produced seen measurable results with every child since 1990.

New Therapy Packages Offered In New York

The trusted and dedicated staff from the CARD branch offices of Rochester and Larchmont are now offering packages of exclusive products and services designed for effective treatment, training and evaluation. This six-month contract will provide the following services at a value of $1,000 per month:

CARD Launches Skills 4 America™ Grant to Meet Critical Developmental Disability Needs in Schools

NATIONWIDE, March 28, 2011 —- The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD), today announced the launch of Skills 4 America™. Skills 4 America is a nationwide grant program that provides one-year scholarships for Skills™, a breakthrough web-based program for assessing and designing treatment curricula for students with autism and other developmental disorders.

A Review of Assessments Used to Select Content for EIBI Programs

With the current pool of available assessments, clinicians are left to run a battery of tests in order to identify target skills to include in treatment. Furthermore, to fill in the gaps, clinicians are likely to rely on clinical judgment derived from individual preference, experience, and expertise rather than a thorough assessment of the child’s development. Although extensive research has shown EIBI to be an effective treatment for ASD, research has also revealed great variability in program design and treatment effectiveness across service providers. Current clinical practices in assessment and program design likely account for much of the variability seen in the quality of EIBI services today.