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The A-Word, Part 51: Making Friends At The Park

Jack Riley, Jessica, and Mike are back at the park today so Jessica can observe Jack Riley play with his peers, and prompt him whenever he needs help finding the right words to say.

While on their outing, Mike meets a couple of parents and talks to them about his experiences with parenthood and autism.

The A-Word, Part 50: Play & Social Skills

Jack Riley is working a lot on social skills now that he is in school, and because Lainey is now big enough to walk over and play with his toys. His therapists are having Jack Riley play with his sister during their sessions so he can practice how to appropriately play with her. Simultaneously, Jack Riley’s therapists are also making it a point to go on outings in the community so he and his parents can get more comfortable with what to expect while they are out.

Social Skills Seminar

“We received such positive feedback from parents during our last Social Skills Group session and decided not to only continue the sessions but increase them with a new age group,’ says Evelin Garcia, PsyD, CARD Assessment Director. “The Social Skills Group will help increase your child’s reciprocal conversation, ability to initiate, maintain and take turns during conversations. This will also help your child identify and cope with the physiological symptoms of anxiety related to new social situations as well as learn alongside peers with similar social skills.”